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Hey parents this post is for you!

If you have kids age 7-12 (or older), I’ve compiled a list of drawing supplies for kids that would be great stocking stuffers, or an overall gift for you kids who are always doodling and trying to draw.  Stick to this list because when you see all the drawing supplies available at the store, it will be highly tempting to get everything and some things are really not suitable for this age group.  So, I’ll also include a list of drawing supplies to stay away from for sure, and then you can decide for yourself!

So, without further ado, here’s the list of basic drawing supplies you SHOULD DEFINITELY GET if your kiddos love to draw.

  1.  A set of graphite drawing and a set of charcoal pencils.

You’ll see on these pencil sets that there are numbers and also the letter H and or B.  These pencils allow your kids to experiment with changing values (the darkness or lightness) more easily.  These pencil sets come in various sizes so you choose one in your price range!  Get both a graphite set and a charcoal set.

2.  Vine or Willow charcoal sticks.

These sticks are messy but clean up easily.  They can block in and shade large areas and wipe away the excess dust easily with a tissue.  It also erases easily so they can draw in it with their eraser.

3. Blending Stumps/Tortillions

These are tightly rolled up pieces of paper that come to a point and are used for blending or shading.  I have the kids blend their graphite with tissues and blending stumps / tortillions because if they are using their fingers, they are sealing the graphite onto the paper with their oily fingers and it makes it hard to erase.

4.  Eraser toppers with a sharp edge.

These are the standard erasers that fit on top of the pencil.  Be sure to get ones with sharp edges because this will allow the kids to erase out highlights in hair or fur or whatever area that needs a little bit more highlighting.

5.  A battery powered electric eraser!

This is a super fun and really helpful drawing tool to have.  For example, if they are drawing a flower, they could erase out a perfect circle, shade it like a sphere and like magic, it woud look like there is a water droplet on their flower!

Be sure to definitely stay away from compressed charcoal sticks!  They will get it EVERYWHERE!  Also stay away from india ink, and toxic soft pastels.  If you do buy soft pastels, make sure it says NON-Toxic on the box.

So let’s recap!

Great drawing supplies for your kids age 7-12.

  • Set of Graphite and Set of Charcoal drawing Pencils
  • Vine or Willow Charcoal
  • Blending Tortillions
  • Eraser Cappers with a Sharp Edge
  • A battery powered electric eraser

and…stay away from:

    • Compressed Charcoal Sticks
    • India Ink
    • Toxic Soft Pastels


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